With over 15 years behind us as a purely digital facility, bitMAX is renowned as one of the world’s largest independent digital supply chain providers. Our storage and delivery platform is responsible for the distribution of thousands of films, TV shows and more music videos than any other company on the planet.

Our expertise in the art of digital preparation and packaging is unmatched, and our streamlined method for swift, error-free deliveries to all digital platforms is among the most dependable in the industry. We are an iTunes preferred encoding facility, and we enjoy the same preferred status with Amazon and the Google Play store. Preferred Status means we are your quickest delivery path and we can deliver live into stores.

Our offices in Los Angeles, NYC and London serve world-class record labels, film and TV studios, digital stores and independent content creators. Our unique single-source point solution gives our clients the best opportunity for success and the most solid return on their investment. Whether you are a film studio, distributor, indie filmmaker, or record label, bitMAX’s supply chain solutions let you focus on the art of creating content by allowing us to deliver it to the world.


bitMAX is a preferred iTunes encoding house and aggregator. Our direct relationship with Apple guarantees the quickest delivery path to iTunes. We also create iTunes Extras 2.0 packages, contact us about bonus content and increasing your visibility at iTunes.


bitMAX is a preferred aggregator for all the major platforms. Contact us about selling your films, tv shows, concerts or music video on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and vevo.


bitMAX owns and operates facilities in Los Angeles, London, and New York. All work is performed by bitMAX experts, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


bitMAX delivers to all global digital platforms, stores, and broadcasters. Contact us for a supply chain check up.


Your Content Delivered. Everywhere.

Total control at your fingertips


bitMAX is the easiest path for global distribution. Our direct relationships with major platforms which include iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and vevo allow anyone anywhere on any platform, device, or operating system to access your Film, TV Show, Concert or Music Video . Contact us and we'll let you know what you need to do to get your content out to the world.

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Finished your Film with Compressor and have the iTMS package? Congratulations, you’re on your way to the easiest iTunes publishing experience there is. We offer a discount for qualified Compressor users, contact us to learn what’s required so that you can save on your delivery and start selling your Film on iTunes.

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Got bonus content? bitMAX is certified in iTunes Extras 2.0 creation. contact us to learn more about adding value to your film with an Extras 2.0 package. bitMAX offers the most affordable Extras 2.0 creation in the industry. Contact a sales rep for pricing details.

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bitMAX’s PayPanel ™ lets you see exactly how your content is performing on any platform you deliver to. Want to measure your advertising and marketing effort? Login to get sales data that lets you know who’s buying, who’s renting, and where on the globe your customers are transacting from. PayPanel™ shows you royalties that are due, with pinpoint accuracy. Never be in the dark about what you are earning again.

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From our responsive sales team to coordinators who expertly guide you through the release process, impeccable customer service is incorporated into everything we do at bitMAX. Our human touch has been a key to our digital success and most of our staff are veterans who have spent 5+ years or more at bitMAX.

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We are an iTunes preferred encoding facility with the distinction of being one of only a few digital houses to be bestowed with status as an preferred iTunes Direct Delivery Partner. No question is too small to ask, contact us and see. Reputations are built on success, and bitMAX is proud to have a solid record of success as a digital supply chain provider for more than 15 years.

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bitMAX offers simple affordable pricing plans that let you keep all your generated revenue. With film plans starting at $500.00, we have a solution for anyone who wants to distribute their Film, TV Show or Music Video. Contact us for a detailed quote and a bitMAX rep will provide a swift response with all the details. We are so confident that our pricing and service is best in class, we’ll match or beat any internet advertised price.

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Distribution Process

bitMAX simplifies distribution with processes that accelerate the time it takes to get content out to any platform, OTT outlet, or Broadcaster.

3 simple steps is all it takes:


  • Tell us about your
    content and establish
    your account
  • Have a question?
    Let a bitMAX coordinator
    help answer any
    technical or metadata
    issues you may have.

  • We offer the
    fastest delivery
    turnaround time
    in the industry.
  • We will get your
    content to market
    faster than anyone,


At bitMAX, we are expert in the art of ingesting, perfecting, archiving, packaging and delivering multi-media content to over 200 OTT, VOD and Broadcast platforms. As a preferred iTunes Direct Delivery Partner and authority in all MVPDs and broadcast platforms, our streamlined “single-source point? services are the most thorough and flawless you’ll find in the industry. We provide every resource you need which means no holdups by third party vendors and fast, accurate deliverables for you.

Digital Supply Chain

Powering bitMAX’s digital supply chain platform is BAM (bitMAX Asset Manager). BAM is our secure, cloud based delivery tool designed to manage video/audio specs, metadata, foreign languages, closed captioning, artwork, and metadata requirements so that your media is compliant with any store, platform, or broadcast/VOD destination. BAM premasters and packages digital content for quick, easy delivery anywhere, anytime. Archive once, deliver forever—it’s as simple as that.

Global Fulfillment

bitMAX is expert in coordinating your global release. We will advise you on what you need in order to place your content in any store in any country. Don’t let translation worries get you down, we will walk you through the process and put your mind at ease.

iTunes Preferred Encoding House

We are an iTunes preferred encoding house with the distinction of being one of only a few digital houses to be bestowed with status as an preferred iTunes Direct Delivery Partner.

Supply Chain Integration

We've had great success integrating with our customer's existing digital supply chains. Contact us to discuss your integration needs today.

Full Featured Post Production

Our in-house post capabilities speeds the process of getting content to market – if a QC issue arises during our ingestion process, we can fix it on the spot which saves time and preserves your release date. Need an edit, or have content that needs closed captioning or subtitles? We have you covered there too, with translation and captioning services.


Please supply us with as much information about your project in the fields below and someone will be in touch with you within 1 business day.

You may also contact us directly at 1 (323) 978-7878 and ask for a sales rep
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